DegreeReady for Administrators

A complete toolkit for Program Administrators.

DegreeReady for Program Administrators
Toolkit for Program Administrators

DegreeReady for Program Administrators

DegreeReady provides a full toolkit for Administrators to take away a lot of the manual work involved in setting up and maintaining Degree programs. The system provides functionality to setup, maintain, and copy programs without having to re-create them.

Reports are also available to aid in future planning.

Administrator Functions

System Management

Behind the student-facing system there is a comprehensive administration system to set up degrees, manage users and students and monitor workflow approvals.

Degree Plan Validation


Once a program is set up and tested the system allows you to ‘publish’ the program (individually or in bulk). There are configurable rules around approvals before publishing.

Annual Rollover

At the start of each new year all programs and templates can be migrated to the new year. Earlier versions are locked and version control and the new version takes on the new Year level.

Version Controlled

All program structures, templates and unit-set structures are version controlled allowing institutions to easily track and manage changes made to degree structures and rules. Structure versions automatically associate with students’ course start year, ensuring that the valid rules are applied.

Import from Student System

Import functionality allows data import from student management systems for all Degree Plan-related datasets. If a dataset is not available in the student management system, the system allows the creation of these datasets.

Complex Program Structures

Allows institutions to create and manage complex program structures including rules (e.g. year level requirements, specialisation requirements, core unit requirements, etc.), Unitset rules (e.g. core unit and electives requirements etc.) and unit rules (e.g. pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements, etc).

Other Users

See a list of product features for Students and Advisors.