Academic Advisors

Helping Academic Advisors help Students.

Making the most of Advisor’s time

Creating, and maintaining a student’s Degree Plan requires a lot of time – both student time and Academic Advisor time. DegreeReady is designed so that Students and Academic advisors can both work on the plan together and spend their face-to-face time together to discuss the more important things.

Advisor Functions

Template Creation

Allows Advisors to create templates with pre-selected subjects (including generic units) based on various outcomes (e.g. career outcomes, interests) to assist students with creating their degree plans.

Inbuilt Workflow

Online Degree Plan Approval and Requisite Waiver workflow processes enable advisors to engage with students on their degree planning, without having a face-to-face meeting.

“What If”

Advisors can utilise the “What if” feature to assist them with determining the impact of changing their majors or their degree. It can also suggest early exit alternatives such as a Diploma instead of a degree. It does this by calculating the credits students would get based on the completed subjects.

View all Requisites

Enables Advisors to view all requisites (i.e. pre-requisites, co-requisites, anti-requisites) attached to a particular unit without having to refer to the student handbook. The Degree Plan is validated against these requisites.

Plan Validation

Students and Advisors can validate a degree plan to ensure adherence to program rules at all times, minimising the possibility of errors.

Create Student Plans

Advisors can create Degree plans for the students to help them get started. They can also modify plans on the student’s behalf during the advising sessions.

Other Users

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