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  • Complexities of Planning a Degree

    Complexities of Planning a Degree

    Planning a Degree is quite often a student’s first experience of University. After deciding what they’d like to be when they graduate they need to wade through a Student Guide, pick the right Majors and Minors to suit their career choice, then select subjects from a myriad of options all the while keeping track of…

  • TEMC 2022

    TEMC 2022

    Great to be an exhibitor at TEMC 2022 held in the magnificent Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart overlooking Hobart Harbour.  We had the opportunity to meet some great universities and listen to their issues around Degree Planning and Auditing. If you got a chance to come by the booth to say Hello, thank you. If not,…

  • Cost of creating Degree Plans

    Cost of creating Degree Plans

    What is the true cost of creating Degree Plans? According to recent research: – A typical student will have more than one call or meeting with an Academic Advisor (average of 1.11 calls per student)– 70% of students need help– Over 60% of calls are from International students– Help is usually requested on Unit &…