Cost of creating Degree Plans

Cost of creating Degree Plans

What is the true cost of creating Degree Plans?

According to recent research:

– A typical student will have more than one call or meeting with an Academic Advisor (average of 1.11 calls per student)
– 70% of students need help
– Over 60% of calls are from International students
– Help is usually requested on Unit & Unit Set selection.
– Assuming each session takes an hour, a university with 20,000 students spends over 22,000 hours, and a substantial amount of money, helping students create their Degree Plans.

Make it easy to choose

Pre-populated templates can be built based on either degree outcomes or on career outcomes (e.g. If the student wishes to become an Accountant, there’s a list a templates that would suit them). To start their plan the student simply searches for a template based on interests or on Career Outcome and selects the template that best suits their needs. Each template can be further modified as the student completes their plan.

Reduce Turnaround time

We aim to improve the turnaround time to create Degree Plans by giving the student the tools to create their own plan, in their own time, without having to meet with the Academic Advisor. Provided the student has some idea of career choices they can select the subjects that they’re interested in, that also fit into their Degree Program. The system ensures that their choices comply with all the Program rules. Once they’ve completed their plan they can submit it to their Advisor for review and approval.

Reduce costs without reducing service

The system is quick to implement and makes it much easier for the student to create and maintain their plan without using up an Advisor’s time. This reduces your cost of creating Degree Plans – and improves Student Experience.

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