Degree Marketing

For Degree Marketing, DegreeReady Planning can be exposed to prospective students around the world.

Prospective students can also build their Degree Plans in DegreeReady, before they apply to your University. This helps students understand what subjects are available within each Degree Program and gives them an estimate of what the total cost would be.

Degree Marketing

The DegreeReady system can be made available over the internet for students, and agents, to build their Degree Plans, try out templates and calculate the total cost of their Degree. The system works in exactly the same way it does for internal students and all of the Templates are made available to external users too.

With Degree Marketing, prospective students can register to use the system or use their existing Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts to log in.

Users can save their Plans or email it to themselves. Universities also get the benefit of being able to contact prospective students with further information if required.

DegreeReady Benefits


Students can plan out their studies knowing that they’ll meet their Degree requirements. They can also monitor and audit their progress and make changes to their plan as they progress.


Academic Advisors create Templates for students based on outcomes allowing them to spend quality time with students helping them decide on the best path to follow.


Easily set up Programs, copy Programs from Year to Year (all version controlled), setup Degree rules, compare Planned vs Enrolled courses, audit Progression and much more.