Degree Progression Auditing

Degree Progression Auditing

One of the most time consuming tasks facing Program Administrators is Degree Progression Auditing. They need to know who is on track to graduate this semester, who is falling behind and who needs some assistance. Currently this is done for students who are close to graduating and is usually a manual process – which takes time, and costs money.

DegreeReady provides an on-demand Degree Auditing function for both Students and Administrators. It looks at what subjects students have enrolled in, and completed, (based on the existing data in the Student Management System) and ensures that those subjects comply with the Degree Program rules. The application will do automatic, and on-demand, validation and notify the Administrator of any students not meeting their Degree Program rules.¬† This happens not only for students who are nearing competition¬†but throughout the student’s studies.

For Students, this means they can see at-a-glance how far they are along in their studies and how many more credit points they need in order to complete.

For Administrators, once the Degree Structure is set up, they can see all of the students who are on track to complete their Degree as well as those who are not meeting the Program rules, or are falling behind. This ensures that the auditing process happens in seconds rather than weeks.

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