DegreeReady is a unique solution built to help Universities manage the complex process of Degree Planning and Auditing. Administrators set up Degree Programs, Academic Advisors can create Plan Templates and Students can create their individual plans. All plans are validated to ensure they meet the complex program rules.


DegreeReady for Students

DegreeReady is designed to help students complete their Degree Plan. Students no longer need to wade through a huge Student handbook and try to understand all the pre-requisites, co-requisites and complex rules – they are built into the system. DegreeReady also ensures their choices meet the Points/Credits requirements in order to get their degree. Once complete, it can be sent to an Advisor for approval if required.

  • Create and Manage Degree Plan
  • Multi-Language (UI is available in Chinese, other languages can be added)
  • ‘What If’ allows students to determine the impact of a change of Major or Degree
  • Community Interactions allows students to rate and comment on Templates
  • Comprehensive Help System to guide students through the process

DegreeReady for Advisors

Creating, and maintaining a student’s Degree Plan requires a lot of time – both student time and Academic Advisor time. DegreeReady is designed so that Students and Academic advisors can both work on the plan together and spend their face-to-face time together to discuss the more important things.

  • Allows Academic Advisors to create templates with pre-selected subjects based on various outcomes (such as Career or Academic outcomes)
  • Online Degree Plan Approval and Requisite Waiver workflow processes enable advisors to engage with students on their degree planning, without having a face-to-face meeting
  • Advisors can utilise the “What if” feature to assist them with determining the impact of students changing their majors or even their degree.
  • They can also validate a student’s degree plan to ensure adherence to program rules at all times, minimising the possibility of errors.
  • Academic Advisors can create Degree plans for the students to help them get started. They can also modify plans on the student’s behalf during the advising sessions.

DegreeReady for Administrators

DegreeReady provides a full toolkit for Administrators to take away a lot of the manual work involved in setting up and maintaining Degree programs. The system provides functionality to setup, maintain, and copy programs without having to re-create them.

  • Comprehensive administration system to set up degrees, manage users and students and monitor workflow approvals.
  • Subjects and Structures can be imported from your existing Student Management System or Curriculum Management Systems like Akari.
  • Once a program is set up and tested the system allows you to ‘publish’ the program (individually or in bulk).
  • At the start of each new year all programs and templates can be migrated to the new year.
  • All program structures, templates and unit-set structures are version controlled allowing institutions to easily track and manage changes made to degree structures and rules.
  • Import functionality allows data import from student management systems for all Degree Plan-related datasets.
  • Create and manage complex program structures including Program-level rules, Unitset rules and individual unit rules (see below)

DegreeReady Rules Engine

The DegreeReady Rules Engine is a powerful feature designed to guide Program Administrators when setting up new Degree Structures.

Rules Engine
DegreeReady Rules Engine
  • There are three levels of rules within the system:
    • Program Level
    • Unitset Level (e.g. Majors, Minors, WIL etc.) and
    • Unit/Subject Level – Requisites
  • Complex rules can be created at each level within a structure
  • Ability to create Step-by-step guided program structures with rules associated with each step if necessary
  • When Advisors create Templates or Students create Plans, the rules created at each level of the structure are implemented.


Customisable workflows are available for Program structures, Uniset Structures, Templates, Study Plans and Unit Requisites. These give users the ability to create workflows at all levels of org hierarchy – Uni level, faculty level etc. Workflows are also used to move Structures from Development to Approve/Publish etc.

DegreeReady Benefits


Students can plan out their studies knowing that they’ll meet their Degree requirements. They can also monitor and audit their progress and make changes to their plan as they progress.


Academic Advisors create Templates for students based on outcomes allowing them to spend quality time with students helping them decide on the best path to follow.


Easily set up Programs, copy Programs from Year to Year (all version controlled), setup Degree rules, compare Planned vs Enrolled courses, audit Progression and much more.