Student Degree Planning

Starting in University can be a daunting experience for new students and Degree Planning is one of their first tasks. It’s important for them to choose the right subjects for their degree, and their future. That’s where the DegreeReady solution come in. It allows students to choose from pre-populated templates with pre-selected subjects based on desired outcomes or they can select their own subjects as the system walks them through each requisite, calculating their credit score and validating their final selection.



Students can plan out their studies knowing that they’ll meet their Degree requirements. They can also monitor and audit their progress and make changes as they go.


Academic Advisors can spend quality time with students helping them decide on the best path to take rather than spending time creating their plan.


Easily set up Programs, copy Programs from Year to Year (all version controlled), setup Degree rules, compare Planned vs Enrolled courses, audit Progression and much more.


Student Degree Planning

Students can see their entire Degree Program clearly mapped out on a single page, by semester, including Planned and Completed units.

They can Drag & Drop subjects into the period they want to study and the system will take care of the validation, warning them if they’re breaking any rules.

They can even see the cost of each subject and the total cost of their Degree.

The system can also be made available over the internet for Prospective Students to build sample plans.

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Degree Planning entry screen

Quality Advisor Time

The Advisor and Student can get together, either in-person or remotely, and work on the plan. This is especially useful when a student is thinking of changing their Major or even their Degree.

The “What If” function allows the user to see what other options are available and what credits can be carried over.

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Administrator Toolkit

Administrators can create complex program structures with embedded rules, import data from the student systems and validate and publish structures (including from Year to Year) knowing that all structures and templates are version controlled.

Reports are available or data can be extracted and imported into your usual reporting system.

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Degree Progression Auditing

Degree Progression Audits can be carried out at any time by both Students and Advisors. The system will show how a student is progressing against what they’ve planned and what they’ve actually completed.

If, as a result of a subject failure, they need to re-plan future studies the system will inform them and help with re-planning. They can also use the results in the What-If function to change their Major, Minor or even their Degree.

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Degree Audit

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