Students Create and Maintain their Plan

DegreeReady is designed to help students complete their Degree Plan. Students no longer need to wade through a huge Student handbook and try to understand all the pre-requisites, co-requisites and complex rules – they are built into the system. DegreeReady also ensures their choices meet the Points/Credits requirements in order to get their degree.

Once complete it can be sent to an Advisor for approval.

Student Functions

Degree Planning entry screen

Create and Manage Plan

View and select from a list of pre-populated degree templates based on outcomes such as career, graduate pathways, interests or create your own Study Plan.Validation tool verifies all plans against in-built program rules. Students can Drag & Drop subjects across semesters and year

Chinese UI

Multi Language

The student UI is available in Simplified Chinese. This makes it easier for overseas students to create their Study Plan in their native language. 

Other languages can be added if required.


“What If”

Students can utilise the “What if” feature to assist them with determining the impact of changing their majors or their degree. It can also suggest early exit alternatives such as a Diploma instead of a degree. It does this by calculating the credits you’d get based on the completed subjects.

View all Requisites

Enables students and Academic Advisors to view all requisites (i.e. pre-requisites, co-requisites, anti-requisites) attached to a particular course without having to refer to the student handbook. The Degree Plan is validated against these requisites.

Community Interaction

Students can leave reviews and view other students’ reviews for templates, degrees and units. This can help them when they start to develop their own Degree Plan.

Comprehensive Help System

DegreeReady comes with a context-sensitive help system to guide the student in creating and maintaining their plan. The Help system includes a step-by-step guide as well as instructional videos to explain what’s required.