Off-Campus Degree Planning for students

Off-campus Degree Planning

Off-campus Degree Planning is now the norm as a result of more students studying remotely due to Covid-19.

However, the creation and maintenance of Degree Plans has become more difficult as students don’t have ready access to face-to-face time on campus with Advisors. Because of that, it’s important to make the process as simple as possible. This is especially difficult for overseas students, most of whom need help with their Study Plan creation.

Make it easy for remote students

DegreeReady is designed to take the pain away from Degree Plan creation. It guides the Student through the process, has pre-built templates to choose from and, most importantly, has rule validation to ensure that their Degree Plan meets all the Degree rules.

The plan is created and maintained by the student and can be validated and approved by a course advisor, remotely. The Advisor and Student can work on the plan together using the in-built workflow and messaging and, once they’re both happy with the plan, it can be approved and students can then enrol in their chosen subjects.

This makes it a lot easier for off-campus students, especially those in a different timezone, and it improves the overall Student Experience.

Off-campus Degree Planning doesn’t have to be difficult.

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